David, our treasured roaster from Beanworks, is coming all the way down from their roasting facility up North, to share with you just how the beans work! 

We'll be running 2 FREE SESSIONS, the first at 10.30am, and an afternoon one at 3pm. Both will last about an hour, but feel free to dip in or out as you please... if you can only spare 15 minutes away from your desk, that's fine, it's all very informal!

What David will be sharing with you... 
Well, where it all started, this coffee culture thing. How the beans get from over there to over here, and the impact that the roasting has on their flavour profiles. What we demanding humans expect from the mere coffee bean, and why a great cup should really be appreciated, just like a good wine. 

How we drink coffee, what foods it goes with - expect demonstrations and free tastings! 

Everyone who takes part will be entered into a free prize draw, to win A WEEK OF FREE COFFEE AT LIVEWIRE KITCHEN!

Please RSVP to events@livewirekitchen.co.uk to let us know if you might pop by for a caffeine fix at either 10.30 / 3, so we can manage numbers.