What's the tastiest bean for an energy-boosting salad? Which fruit & veg combo makes the boostiest juice?  Is watercress really the best thing to peak your metabolism? These were the sorts of questions that kept Livewire founders Zoe and Nina awake at night. 

Nuts about, well, nuts and things, they decided to make the perfect food and drink offering for London's busy people.

Working closely with nutritionist Alice they dug deep into unlocking the properties of the essential ingredients for a healthful lifestyle. Chef Davide brought along his Italian flair for natural ingredients and mind-blowing flavours, and the first Livewire menu was born.

Sustainable sourcing, fair trade suppliers, energy-efficient working, supporting local charities... dedicating time and effort to doing things better comes as second nature.    

This dedication, mixed with the passion and knowledge for offering something better, is on show every day at Livewire Kitchen… pop in to see for yourself. Just click below and hover over the images to find out more about us and our friends here at Livewire.



Our network of like-minded suppliers bring their own great individual greatness to Livewire philosophy. Fresh, natural food and drink but without the fuss. From super-sourdoughs to Amazonian wonders, crafty beers and natural wines, just click and hover over the images for some of the stories behind the Livewire menu.